Про нас - PAPARONI


PAPARONI is not just about pizza for us. It’s obviously about pizza as well, but it’s mostly about a work of a lifetime, which inspires us and makes it easy for us to wake up every morning to continue to work with a keen interest. What is our greatest interest in? Let us try to tell you.

Perfect Ingredients

Generally speaking, pizza is pretty simple in its preparation, which makes it hard to ruin. You just need high-quality ingredients and the right dough. It’s as simple as a LEGO-constructor: if all the bricks are of great quality, the result will be the same. And here are those “bricks” for us:

Tomato sauce

The main thing you should know about tomato sauce is that it should be made of real tomatoes. Seems obvious, but just think about it!

The Dough

It’s an extremely accurate and intricate work. The main thing about making dough is making it “alive”. It reminds us of a quest, but with grams, degrees, percentage and timing. The process is complicated, but we are on top of it!


There are two main rules to make a delicious stuffing: do not save on it and fanatically stick to a food preservation routine. That’s a whole secret..


Pizza’s main ingredient is cheese. We use real mozzarella delivered from Ukrainian manufacturers.

Common standards

Digital technologies help us timely notice if something goes wrong. How can we know, though, what is right and what is wrong? There exist three standards, which are extremely important for indicating the quality of work performance! Below you can find our standards on hand-washing, for example:

1. Before getting to work. 6. After working with money.
2. After using the bathroom. 7. After coughing and sneezing.
3. After smoking and having a meal. 8. After changing the working station.
4. Before food preparation. 9. After replacing garbage bags or cleaning the work surface.
5. After completing the cleaning process 10. After any contact with uniform, hair or face.

Our standards are not some complicated diagrams or formulas, but a set of super clear rules that help us do our job transparently. We have got lots of them and they cover every aspect. That's how we manage to do everything well and efficiently.

Transparency in every aspect

Anyone can write down hundreds of rules, but rules don’t work on their own. It’s the power that you need to make rules worth following. Transparency has become this power for us. We try to work as clear as possible, so that it’s literally impossible to deviate from the standards we’ve set up. That is why our kitchen was designed with glass walls, through which you can easily watch all the processes going on in it. It’s the transparency that motivates us to follow all the standards and work according to the rules and the Law. We want to be transparent with our clients, being open about more and more details of our work. Yet transparency isn’t just a trend for us. It is our strong conviction, which we made our main principle based on!!